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April 1, 2007, 8:59 pm
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VoIP Phone Systems, IP Phones – AltiGen Communications
Award-winning VoIP phone systems for business – All the features your business needs in one box. Voice over IP (VoIP) AltiGen Communications released the world’s first VoIP phone system in 1996.

VoIP Phone Systems by CMS Telecom VoIP Specialists
VoIP Business Systems – Hosted Phone Service – Call Center Design – Managed PBX Network – Our VoIP Phone System for your business. Scalable Business Phone Systems & Bundled Service.

Military VoIP Telephone | VoIP Internet Phone Service Providers
Military VoIP telephone and VoIP Internet phone service providers. Offers broadband unlimited phone Are you U.S. Military or Civilian stationed overseas? Would you like to save up to 50% on your

Internet- Broadband phone services – voip-phone.org
Net2speech Receive Unlimited calls from Pakistan at both your Landline phone and Cellular Phone in USA/Canada. Unlimited outgoing calls to USA/Canada Read more.

Internet Telephone Devices and Plans VoIP Services for VoIP phone
Internet telephony devices for the voip reseller to make international phone calls with pc to phone. IP Phones and Adaptors . Bring Your Own Device or purchase one from us. The VarPhonex system is

Galaxy Internet Services: VOIP Internet Phone, High Speed Internet
Galaxy Internet Services has been a leader in low cost, quality internet service since 1995. Current Specials. Free Broadband Phone Free VOIP Phone Number Free Incoming Calls

VoIP Phone Systems – Nortel VoIP and Avaya VoIP and IP Phone Systems
Provider of VoIP Business Phone Systems, VoIP Solutions, VoIP Business Phone Service, Business Nortel and Avaya VoIP Phone Systems and VoIP Solutions. CLICK HERE if you’re interested in a VoIP

WebPhone – Save on Calls with VoIP
Use WebPhone software to call any phone, including mobile phones.

Voip – Free Calls – Everything Voip
VOIP.com – Internet Phone Service Keep your number! Check now to see if you can keep your existing number . Calculate Your

VoIP and Digital Phone | Compare and Order Telephone Services Through
Order VoIP, Digital Phone, Broadband Phone, Internet Phone online. WhiteFence is your place to compare and order digital and VoIP phone services online.


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The functioning of wireless VoIP phones is similar to that of regular VoIP phones but Wireless VoIP phones combine VoIP technology and Wi-Fi (wLAN) systems. Users need to be in the range of the wireless node in order to make and receive calls. And when they are in the Wi-Fi’s reach, they are able to do a lot of the same calling functions enabled by regular desktop VoIP phones. When one is already equipped with a wireless local area network as well as VoIP phones, adding wireless VoIP phones can be a logical step.

Wireless VoIP phones are also known as VoWLAN or voice over wireless local network areas and Wi-Fi phones. The working of wireless VoIP phones involves a data network to which Wi-Fi equipment is connected. The network itself can either be independent, or connected to the Internet or the public phone system. The equipment enables high-speed wireless connection to unlimited access points.

Each access point has an antenna to catch the signal from the Wi-Fi equipment and broadcast it in a 300-foot radius or a hot spot. Within the radius all Wi-Fi enabled laptops, personal digital organizers and wireless phones can tune into the signal.

In wireless VoIP phones, the voice is converted into segments of data for transmission from the phone antenna to the Wi-Fi radio waves and then received by the data network. Here the data segments reverse the process to reach an extension or the traditional phone network. In other words, an extension can be carried around.

Although there is no argument about wireless VoIP phones being advantageous, they have their share of shortcomings as well. Fore one, they can not yet completely replace hard-wire VoIP phones mainly due to lack of reliability and the limited functions of wireless phones currently available in comparison to desktop phones.

However the biggest disadvantage in wireless VoIP phones is the limit on the number of simultaneous calls that can be made. The maximum number of calls in each wireless system cannot exceed five or ten. This seriously undermines its call handling capability in a large corporate environment.

Nevertheless, the dramatic reduction in operational costs has made it possible for wireless operators with high quality compressed VoIP to bring the ease and comfort of cordless calling to the VoIP world.

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